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Excel Formulas

The 31 Most Important Excel Formulas

Many people are overcome by a feeling of dread at the mention of Microsoft Excel and Excel formulas.  They have been led to believe that Excel is an impossibly difficult application to master and that it may take weeks or months of expensive training.  On the one side, it may just be another case of fear for the unknown or it may be as a result of concerted efforts by dishonest establishments to extract a lot of money out of people for Excel training.

There Are 31 Important Excel Formulasexcel formulas

Be that as it may, we are here to tell you that there are only 31 – that is correct: thirty-one – important formulas in Excel that you have to know.  The secret lies not only in the 31, but also in the combinations in which they can be applied to achieve different results.  What is more, it does not have to take you more than one day to obtain a sound working knowledge of Excel.

The Advanced One-Day Excel Course

During an advanced one-day Excel course you will learn all the Excel formulas beginners and advanced users have to know.  Before we get to the 31 important ones, we first cover the basics of Excel and all the problem areas that people usually get wrong, like:

  • what the developer tab is, where it is located and how to use it
  • what ranges are, where you would use them and why they are important
  • how to fix rows, columns and formula ranges
  • protecting your worksheet and what to protect
  • how to switch the automatic calculator off and what to do when formulas do not want to calculate
  • using dates and calculating days, weeks and months using the correct formats

The 31

After the basic stage, you will move on to learning about those 31 Excel formulas.  The different formula classes would include:

You would be surprised to learn how powerful these Excel formulas can be when used in combination.  You really can learn all there is to learn about Microsoft Excel in one day, so contact us.



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