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The Things That You Can Do With an Excel spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is an immensely useful tool that everybody uses these days. Even students have witnessed the different things that you could do with the very simple program. An Excel spreadsheet makes it easier for everybody to track expenses and even create their own Excel budget template. It also enables additional features such as graphs to view statistics easily through a graphic representation of data, adding formulas on spreadsheet worksheets and many others. But aside from using it in the corporate world alone, here are some amazing things that you could do with a spread sheet – this simply proves that Excel worksheets are not just for businesses alone – they can also be used for a wide variety of things!

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Tracking Weight

Losing weight can be made easier if you see how much progress you’re making. Through Microsoft Excel, you can track your progress and even see how much weight you’ve lost over a period of days, weeks or months! Regardless if you’re trying to lose weight or whether you want to maintain your current healthy weight, you can use spreadsheets in Excel with pre-made formulas / templates allowing you to monitor and maintain your weight. Most often, these types of spreadsheets also come with a graphical representation of data or a line chart so you can see how well or bad you’re doing these past few days. This is a perfect way to utilize Excel and make use of technology for something that you’ve been doing on a regular basis.

Personal Library

If you love watching movies, collecting coins or other types of stuff, Microsoft Excel templates can help you keep record of all your collection for documentation purposes.

List Making

Many individuals love going on a vacation especially during the summer period. Most of the time, people end up forgetting some stuffs from way back home – and an Excel worksheet could be a great way to always bring the things necessary for the trip. You could create Microsoft Excel templates for your list making ideas, and keep it updated every time you’re going out of town to make sure that everything has been packed and nothing has been left behind.

Tracking Personal Finances

Of course, one of the most important and widely used purposes for Excel is tracking personal finances. You can create your budget spreadsheet template or download a free template from the internet to help you manage your costs and see how much money you’ve saved for the current month. This is also a function being used in big companies because Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are easy to use, yet these spreadsheets are very powerful to even manage the costs and expenses of a huge company.

Regardless of who you are, what you do for a living or what your activities are, you could find numerous ways on how you can utilize and make the most out of a Microsoft spreadsheet . Its functions become more powerful, and not only that – you can find templates online that you could use for faster data processing and easier formula encoding.



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